Questions about your order? FAQ.

Q: What are FAQ?

A: FAQ are Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use methods of payment other than Paypal?

A: No, the bigcartel template does not work with anything but Paypal. If we use any other methods of payment our stock will not be updated automatically and since this has created issues with products being sold while they were in fact sold out we have stopped accepting other forms of payment. So only Paypal for now, thank you. These days you don't need a visa card to create an account, you can easily create one with a simple debit card in a matter of minutes.


Q: When will my order be dispatched?

A: Unless a shipping date is stated with the product, anywhere between the next day after you order or a couple of weeks. The SOULSLAYER estore is run in the little free time between real life jobs, bands and family life. We can not thank you enough for having a little patience. We might not be the fastest mailorder however we are trustworthy and you will ALWAYS get your order. Ask around!


Q: Do I get an order confirmation from SOULSLAYER?

A: Your paypal receipt is your order confirmation.


Q: When will product X be restocked?

A: This depends on the wishes of the bands and is pretty unpredictable. Usually if it doesn't say a product is a limited edition or it says it won't be reprinted chances are that it will be reprinted at a certain point in time.


Q: do you sell products at a wholesale price?

A: No, we are not a label or a distributor. Please get in touch with the labels that are putting out the records if you want to carry multiple items in your own distro.


Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

A: Our shipping and handling rates are a combination of: the actual costs of shipping (which are ridiculously high these days), all the handling done by everyone at Soulslayer, packing materials, the percentage that Paypal takes on every transaction and the cost of having this webstore in the virtual space.


Q: Can you send my order out faster because it's a gift for a birthday or anniversary?

A: No, we ship orders in the order they come in. Older orders will always get priority. Our main goal is to provide a place to buy stuff from the bands you love however we are not a giftshop. However we do try to get all orders out within a reasonable timeframe and are working to further optimize our dispatching methods.